Go Irish!

I am sorry that I have been so quiet lately, but it has been very busy with all these exciting things going on right now.
However, tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day, so I just have to post some outfit ideas for this big day. Especially since I am living in Boston, which is probably one of the best places to celebrate St. Patrick’s day. After Ireland of course.

St. Patrick's Day 2013

Wal G , $51 / See by Chloé / Look From London / Calvin Klein Collection / Skater skirt / McQ by Alexander McQueen bracelet jewelry / Fantasy Jewelry Box stone ring / Clover charm


2 Spring/Summer Trends in One: Black & White Stripes

What fashion trends can you not ignore in the spring and summer? That’s right: stripes – the bigger the better – and black and white. Here is a mood board to give you some inspiration for your next shopping trip.

Trend SS13: Stripes

Mango v neck dress / Mango knit top, $35 / Color block dress, $20 / Thakoon Addition / Mango v neck cardigan / Striped shirt, $105 / Armani Jeans white stripes t shirt, $92 / Zara striped shirt / Mango chunky sweater, $32 / Zara stripe blazer / A|Wear stripe blazer, $69 / Zara skirt / Striped Cotton Foulard, $35 / Zara Striped Shopper

It’s Ball Season in Austria – Time to feel like a princess with these gorgeous gowns

Balls, formal dances, are a very important part of the Austrian culture. Every high school organizes one every year which is very similar to Prom in the U.S. but in Austria parents and other relatives, teachers, friends from other schools, and everyone who wants to come is welcome to join. The dress code is formal. Women wear long gowns, although more and more short dresses can be found at the high school balls nowadays. Men come in suits. Usually people start going to dances when they are 15 or 16 years old and it is common to take ball room dance classes during the fall semester before the dance season (most dances take place between the beginning of December and the end of February)

Besides the high school dances there are a lot of even more formal balls, which are organized by different clubs, organizations, and universities. The decoration at these dances is impressive and the gorgeous dresses make you feel like you have travelled through time back to the time of princes and princesses. There is a show at the beginning which is performed by Debutanten and Debuetantinnen in suits and white dresses. The dance is officially opened with the Waltz, one of the most traditional and well-known ball room dances and there is usually also a midnight show.

Some of the major balls in Vienna are:
Zuckerbaeckerball (lots of yummy cakes)
Fête Impériale
Le Grand Bal (New Year’s Ball)
Ball der Wiener Wirtschaft
Wiener Philharmonikerball
Life Ball
TU Ball
WU Ball

Valentine’s Day Outfit 101 for Men


I love fashion altogether, but my secret passion within fashion is menswear.

After doing an inspirational outfit post for all the girls out there I figured it would just be fair to talk about Valentine’s Day dress rules for guys as well. After all, guys want to look good for the ladies on their side as well. But let us not call them rules; let us call them suggestions, since they just reflect my personal taste and have the purpose of giving you some inspiration for your own outfit.


Suggestion Number 1: Dark Pants

Wear either black jeans or black pants. Avoid blue jeans (or any other color). Personally, I am not a big fan of Khakis in the evening either.


Suggestion 2: Dress Shoes

No gym shoes. No snickers. Get out those suit shoes. And you can never go wrong with black.


Suggestion Number 3: Dress Shirt

White, black, light or dark blue or light or dark grey.
If you want a bit more variety go for thin grey or blue stripes or small (!) light or dark blue check.

J. Crew has a great collection of different styles on its website.


Suggestion Number 4: V-Neck Sweater, Crew Neck Sweater or Sports Jacket

Over the dress shirt wear either a V-neck or Crew Neck sweater or a black sports jacket.
Stick to plain colors such as dark blue, dark (or light) grey, white, maroon or beige.
Since it’s an evening outfit go for darker colors (the exception is the white shirt).

Banana Republic has some nice sweaters in its online shop.


Suggestion Number 5: Coat

Stick to black, grey, or dark blue. Both single or – (two rows of buttons in the front) are ok. Personally, I like two rows of buttons almost always just on shorter coats/jackets (exception: Trenchcoat). And please make sure the sleeves are long enough!




A chilled night out

Here are just some snapshots of a rather simple outfit which I wore to a bar last night.
The T-Shirt is from H&M and the purse is from Deichman.

I got the key necklace for my 21st birthday from one of the greatest people I know. It is one of my all time favorites.

Feb 8th 2013_1

Feb 8th 2013_2

Feb 8th 2013_3

I love the hair style from last night from one of my friends, so I just have to post a picture of it. She straightened her hair, parted it far on the side, and pulled it together into a pony tail.

Feb 8th 2013_4

Valentine’s Day 101

Hey Ladies!
You have one more week to find the perfect Valentine’s Day outfit that won’t let him take his eyes of you.
Just make sure you either show your legs or your shoulders. Anticipation is half the fun!
Pink is such a girlie color, so make sure to choose a mature cut. For a great evening look pair a light pink dress with accessories in black, grey, or brown. Usually a light green goes well with a light pink, but I always think of this as more of a daytime look. If you decide on a bright pink dress I would stick with black accessories. However, if you want to try something different go for grey or dark blue.

Get some inspiration for your outfit from the collages below!