Snowstorm NEMO

Since there is still no way of getting around in Boston other than by foot, I am going to spend another day inside with lots of snacks, magazines, my favorite TV shows, and my blog. Not that that is a bad thing, but I am looking forward to being able to get around the city again and explore the great places which Boston and Cambridge have to offer.

Stay safe everyone, enjoy a quiet and relaxing day at home with your family and use the time to do the things that you have wanted to do in a while:

– Stay in bed all day
– Read the book that you have bought weeks ago
– Clean the house
– Catch up on your favorite TV shows
– Spend some quality time with your family and friends: play board games or have a movie marathon
– Finish that painting that you started a long time ago
– Continue working on your scrap book
– Cook a nice dinner
– Try out that new cake recipe (and blog about it)
– Catch up with friends you have not spoken to in a while
– Search the web and create a list of restaurants you want to go to in Boston and Cambridge

As for me, I will be working on yet another Valentine’s Day related blog post. Hey, Valentine’s Day is less than a week away!
I hope you have already reserved a table in your favorite restaurant!

Check back later today for an exciting new post!


2 comments on “Snowstorm NEMO

  1. Perfect plan for the snow–have lots of that here near Toronto too 😦

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