The more entertaining crime investigator show

Have you ever heard of the show Castle? I had not until I went home for Christmas break. And let me tell you: I could not stop watching and soon watched four or five episodes a day. My parents have seasons 1 through 4 on DVD and they were already watching the second season when I came home. Later they started showing the first season on TV and if I would have seen the first couple episodes first I probably would not have started watching the show. But hang in there and look forward to seasons 2, 3 & 4. (Season 5 is currently shown on TV, but I have not seen it. Mondays 10/9c on ABC)

So what is it all about?
The basic idea of the show is very similar to the ones of CSI etc.: Solving crimes in Manhattan. Castle, a crime writer, chooses to follow Detective Beckett to get inspiration for this new book. Being unwanted at first, he soon turns out to be very helpful in solving the cases.

What sets the show apart is that it focuses also on the lives of Castle, Beckett etc. Furthermore, it is not packed with complicated scientific terms and if then they are well explained. Therefore it is very easy to follow the steps which the detectives take in solving the case.
And of course the best parts of the show are Castle’s witty comments. I can’t help but laugh at any of them.


2 comments on “The more entertaining crime investigator show

  1. straycatstyle says:

    I was in an episode of Castle, hahaha… my mom watched it for the first time to see that episode and now she’s hooked!

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